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Chasing Mirages: Turning Videogame Criticism Away from the Future

By Brendan Keogh With every major game release, interesting discussions bloom across the world. Articles, reviews, and conversations on Twitter and Facebook flourish as one critic gushes about the game and another person dismisses it. Of course, there’s no ‘right’ … Continue reading

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On Ubi-Soft and Where the Occupy Wall Street Movement Went Wrong (Their Answer: No Forced Suicide Bombings)

By Michelle Perez Let’s skip the pretense. Ubi-Soft didn’t get where it is today by making a French spin on an existing American or Japanese trend. Where someone created something before, they’d make a product that would exceed or master … Continue reading

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The Buxom and the Beasts

or, Why I Need Monsters as a Feminist By Kaitlin Tremblay Growing up with older brothers meant two things for me: one, I had Marvel action figures instead of Barbies, and two, I was always the helper, the sidekick, Player … Continue reading

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