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How A Videogame Taught Me I Don’t Have What It Takes To Be An NBA Champion

by Adam Harshberger It takes a lot of work to be a great NBA player. It takes hours and hours at the gym, getting up early to hoist up shots, and longer still in the training room, on treadmills and … Continue reading

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Why Minecraft is the Best and the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me

by Heather Hale It all started with Sim Tower. I was in 4th grade and my uncle handed me a floppy disk that would change my life forever, possibly for the worse. Building my tower, floor by floor: adding emergency … Continue reading

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Knowing is the Half the Battle: Max Payne 3 and the Fourth Wall

by Adam Boffa Max Payne 3 is a brutal game. But I do not think it is a stupid one. Since its release, many players have (rightfully) commented on its excessive use of violence and the miserable, almost pitiable nature … Continue reading

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming: An Alt. Reality Take on Gender in Games

Imagine you just logged into your favorite MMORPG. Your beloved brawler, built up over many years, is still functionally the same. But its model has been replaced! It’s no longer obvious that it’s a formidable warrior. It’s become the perfect … Continue reading

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Against Diluting Censorship

Lana Polansky “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” -Soren Kierkegaard The past few weeks have been dogged by some rather unsavoury aspects of videogame subculture regarding rape culture and … Continue reading

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Spreading the Virus: A Forensic Review of Prototype 2

Recently, Medium Difficulty EiC Karl Parkenings and I had an interesting experience that I have to recommend to all of you: we got to play a game with a person who helped to make it. The game, in this case, … Continue reading

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Second Nature: Language, Exclusion, and Gamer Rage

by Edcrab A little after its release, my dad played Baldur’s Gate. I remember him being amused that hitting livestock with a quarterstaff had shifted his reputation to that of a heinous slayer of innocents. Wanting to know exactly how much harm he was doing to said cows, he checked out his weapon’s stats. “What’s a d6?” In a fit of rage I threw him out the window and then told everyone on Facebook, which existed back then if you knew where to look, what a newb he was and how I’d totally owned him, and then I got all the likes. After my father had dusted himself off and we cleared up all the broken glass, I explained the term’s origins. He seemed quite happy to accept that it was shorthand for a six-sided dice, and therefore designated a value of one to six. And then he cursed the Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: “Michelle Perez” was our “eyes on the ground” at “E3″ this year. The following are her experiences, and may or may not reflect the opinions of Medium Difficulty, or outright fucking lies. Enjoy! by Michelle Perez DAY ONE: … Continue reading

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Horror Done Right: Being Gordon Freeman

by Karl Parakenings “…His figure is synonymous with the darkest urges of instinct, ignorance, and decay. Some of the worst excesses of the Black Mesa incident are laid directly at his feet. And yet, some continue to imbue him with … Continue reading

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Brief Downtime

Hi everyone, Because of recent security issues on the back end, as well as some long-standing problems with performance, we’re moving hosts from June 11th to June 13th. We’ll put our efforts towards polishing the site’s editorial process and be … Continue reading

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