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[18+ GAME] is the measuring stick for which all video games will judged in the future. If you still play console games or PC titles you’ll notice a general overlap in content and features associated with precedents set by titles … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Crash: The Masochistic Mediation of Trials Evolution

Moments of strange synchronicity exist in life. Sometimes, experiences that seem disparate also seem to have an underlying order to them, a point of comparison that unlocks each to the other. We’ve all had these moments in school, when your … Continue reading

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“You Presume Too Much”: Love and Sex in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

She said “my love.” I know she did! I didn’t dream it—at least I think I didn’t. It’s quite natural really: her Kingdom’s conquered, she has nothing, no one to protect her. She needs me! I can see it in … Continue reading

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The Playstation Meeting 2013 and Why We Should Be Scared

It’s been over a week since the official announcement of the PS4 and I already think my analysis of the event is a little late to the party, such is the internet. But while watching the stream of the “Playstation … Continue reading

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Limbo and LOST: One Is a Dark, Dreary, Ominous Excursion Into A Nihilistic Nothingness…The Other Is Limbo

>or: Wherever You Are, There You Are (Even If You’re Nowhere) An eye opens. A pair of eyes in fact. Two eyes; both opening. Two orbs waiting to perceive, to absorb their strange new surrounds, and in that act of … Continue reading

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Games as Commentary: Reflections on an Indiecade East Panel

Medium Difficulty contributor Heather Hale was lucky enough to attend Indiecade East this year: the following is inspired by a particularly interesting panel. Panelists: Dr. Ian Bogost is a scholar, author, and game designer. Simon Ferrari is a PhD student … Continue reading

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