Medium Difficulty is supported by a staff of a diverse variety of writers, all with an interest in critical analysis of games and their place in a larger cultural context. Founded by Karl Parakenings, Dinosaur McDowall, Nico Dicecco, and Kyle Carpenter in late 2011, the group now sports a large and ever-growing staff of contributors, editors, moderators, and supporters looking to garden and curate an inclusive community of critically-aware, well-spoken and all-around nice people.

We are interested in providing a place where people can discuss games and their surrounding culture in a friendly and critical way, contributing to an ongoing conversation that is committed to the idea that these things matter, and that solutions to existing problems can be suggested and discussed civilly.

We also pride ourselves on providing a place for emerging writers to find their voices. We pride ourselves on offering feedback and suggestions to articles to bring them to the next level of communication and critical insight. If you have any inkling of interest, please – considering writing for us!