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Fast Fingers, Brain Off: Hybrid Puzzle Games

A few years ago I bought Puzzle Quest on the Xbox 360. This was a terrible idea. If you’ve ever played Puzzle Quest, you know it isn’t a fast-paced game. It’s essentially a match three gems game, but with a … Continue reading

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Xbox Live DRM Does Not Understand the Modern Family

I’ve got two TVs in our living room. This isn’t for ramshackle picture in picture–I don’t even have cable–it’s because I am part of a modern family. My partner and I both play video games. We also like to play … Continue reading

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Bethesda and the Infinite Sadness: Playing Beyond The End

Desert island video game. Just one, but any system. Don’t worry about electricity or internet connection. This is a hypothetical, imagine-you-have-everything-you-need-to-enjoy-playing-that-game-to-its-full-potential sort of situation. Maybe WoW or one of those Call of Duties? Super Mario All Stars would be a … Continue reading

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Gender Swaps: More Than Fanart?

by Cameron Walker Alpha Protocol is sort of an underappreciated game. I mean, the gamey part, where you run around and shoot things, isn’t particularly good. I played on easy with the “stand in a room and just pour bullets … Continue reading

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A Market without Used Games: A Discussion Worth Having

by Cameron Walker Everyone is mad about the rumors that the next gen consoles are going to restrict the use of used games. On the face of things, this seems like a bad direction for the game industry, and people … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2 Hates Nuance: Role Play vs. Game Play

by Cameron Walker I like Mass Effect 2 a lot. I mean, it has some fun shoot shoot game play, a surprisingly deep power system, engaging characters, decent story, good voice acting. Really, what’s not to like about the game? … Continue reading

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