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​Gotcha!: An ARG Story

My investment in this whole horse_ebooks thing was pretty low to begin with. An infamous Twitter bot that spits out spam poetry (that’s a freebie, Def Jam) but wasn’t actually fully-automated this whole time. Or maybe it was and was … Continue reading

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Force Against Habit: Braid (Mac) Review

In the time that I’ve been playing and thinking about indie game superstar, Braid, enigmatic Swedish electronic band, The Knife released their first album in 7 years. 2006′s Silent Shout was a watershed moment for The Knife, garnering heaps of critical praise for … Continue reading

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Ride or Drive: Mr. Neeble and DiRT 3

Learning to drive a car can be a stressful experience. When I was in high school I took driving lessons from a certified instructor named Mr. Neeble, a stern old man with the relentless cadence of a film noir mobster. … Continue reading

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Authentic Authenticity: On The Real of Games

“It’s as close to the real thing as you can get without being there!” has become the philosophy behind use of the term “authenticity” as it pertains to video games.  Notably, the word was used as part of a public … Continue reading

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All in Good Time: A Review of Xenoblade Chronicles

How long does it take to tell a good story? In person? Maybe 5 minutes. In film? About 2 hours. A book? Let’s say 5-10 hours. Video games? No less than 50 hours. This means you could watch every major … Continue reading

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