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Sidney Fussell is a 24 year old freelance writer, occasional stand-up comedian and fulltime gamer whose research topics include intersections of race and gender, violence, dismantling compulsory heterosexuality, mental health and humor. His personal site and nom de plume is Sangfroid Fussell.

The Trouble With We Men

  “Videogames are sexist” passes over my ears no different than “the sky is blue.” It’s obvious. But given the strident hostility towards the women combating sexism (most famously, Anita Sarkeesian) it seems that sometimes the obvious is invisible. And … Continue reading

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Opening the Door: Exploring “The Closet” in Games

The first queer character I remember encountering in a videogame was Baron in the 1998 N64 platformer Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Baron wore blue lipstick and eye-shadow, a single bright red earring and had an asymmetrical hairdo that falls in … Continue reading

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Dismantling The Default: Homophobia, Feminity, Misogyny and The Default in The Gaming “Community””

For a community of outcasts screaming for mainstream legitimacy, the gaming world is remarkably exclusionary: especially towards women and queer gamers. From the aggressively inarticulate teenagers on headsets to the famously putrid comment sections across the gaming blogosphere, homophobia runs … Continue reading

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