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What Is, What Should Be: An Open Letter to David Gaider

Dear Mr. Gaider, The following is a response to your blogpost regarding Trans* characters in the Dragon Age games. Let me begin by stating my position. I am, by all accounts, an unabashed BioWare fangirl and have been since the … Continue reading

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The Playstation Meeting 2013 and Why We Should Be Scared

It’s been over a week since the official announcement of the PS4 and I already think my analysis of the event is a little late to the party, such is the internet. But while watching the stream of the “Playstation … Continue reading

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Your brain on video games

You are part of an experiment. We’re trying a new kind of thing here at Medium Difficulty. It’s exactly the same as when we syndicate a post from another blog, but with video. In grand tradition of syndication, this originally … Continue reading

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Heroes at the End of the World: Living in the Final Days of City of Heroes

The announcement was a shock. City of Heroes was to close its doors. Just a few hours before, the team from developer Paragon Studios had been posting new screenshots of the upcoming Tech Knight costume set. They didn’t see this … Continue reading

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Penny Arcade Sells Out: For Whom the Kickstarter Tolls

Penny Arcade whipped up a tempest of reaction with its Kickstarter, titled “Penny Arcade Sells Out.” People like cool things. People like to hand money over to fund cool things. This is the premise behind Kickstarter. I think most people … Continue reading

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