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im just trying to take care of myself a little better every day

The goal of Sole Survivor is to take care of yourself a little better every day. It’s a little hard but you should think about this first. Think about it before you worry if the monsters are real or just a delusion. Before you start trusting the man in your dreams who wears a box over his head. Before you trade pills to strangers or worry about the woman you can’t quite remember. Before even you worry that the next trip you take outside the apartment might be your last, that the monsters real or not may kill you, that you might not find food or medicine. The first thing you should worry about is right now: have you had a decent cup of coffee? Did you warm up your food before eating it? At least try not to eat such obviously spoilt milk if you can help it. If you’re lonely try listening to the radio before you talk to your stuffed cat. Remember to sleep when it’s hard to see clearly, when the dusky blur settles over the scanlined screen, and rub your own real life eyes out of empathy. It will save your game and you’ll have to live with the consequences. But rather than fret about how many bullets you spent or the mistakes you made or the things you regret, the first thing you should think about is: are you okay? Did you have a good day? Surviving doesn’t mean staving off zombies for another hour. Surviving means living day to day. Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be Mauled by a Bear Than Save the World

by Andrew Vanden Bossche “The bear is an issue because it is inconsistent with the other fact that has been spoken.” — How Will Videogames Pass Go? by Ryan Kuo Problem There is no fantasy novel in which the protagonist … Continue reading

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Why I’m In the Cult of Far Cry 2

By Andrew Vanden Bossche  [Editor’s Note: this article originally appeared on Andrew’s blog and was a featured post on Gamasutra. It has been extensively revised for this publication.] It goes a little bit like this: I’m playing the sort of … Continue reading

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