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With Friends Like These: Screw Ups and Patterns of Power in the Games Industry

Randy Pitchford is a happy man. Sure, the last couple of major titles he’s overseen as head of Gearbox Software have had their share of detractors, but that’s not going to be any skin off of his nose. If someone … Continue reading

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“I’m Not Offended”: The State of Discussion and Contagious Ideas

by Edcrab Assassin-women in nun costumes, being killed. No, not a B-movie, I’m describing the Hitman trailer which most everyone has seen and rolled their eyes at. It didn’t “feel” Hitman. It was widely disparaged and derided, seen as laughable, sometimes seen as indicative of all that is wrong with gaming. I saw it as indicative of a marketing department that couldn’t feel Hitman on the feelingest day of their life with an electrified feeling machine, and I wondered whether that kind of violence against women in fetish wear is what the demographic longs for or whether it’s merely what they’re expected to long for according to the extensive research of ad agencies. Tycho thought it was ridiculous too. But he also felt similarly about the response to it, and as is so often the case with this strange beast called the internet, it prompted a discussion in kind. In Continue reading

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