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Contemplating The Mirror: Manhunt Revisited

Memories Rockstar’s Playstation 2 games were the video nasties of my generation. I remember my father reading an article in USA Today about prostitution in Grand Theft: Auto Vice City and telling me that I couldn’t have it. Likewise, the … Continue reading

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Snuff Enough: Hotline Miami, Manhunt, and the Theater of Killing

The question posed in Hotline Miami is rhetorical. “Do you like hurting other people?” Of course you don’t. Or you shouldn’t. But this is a game, and so you do. Killing is often the language of games. It lubricates plots, … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness: E3, Violence, and Context for Outrage

by Adam Maresca To everyone who has been finding some of the content from this year’s E3 to be pushing the boundaries of sexual politics and highly graphic violence: what kept you? In case you think that question was rhetorical, I’ll give you my best guess. It’ll scare your mom! It’ll scare your little sister! It’ll SCARE YOUR DOG. (And also the ESRB.) As a particularly new medium, video games have been the target of moral fervor since the introduction of gory violence, with plenty of memorable flashpoints along the way. Mortal Kombat and Night Trap were hounded by Senator Joe Lieberman, David Grossman demonized imaginary Doom levels in the aftermath of the tragedies of Columbine, Jack Thompson led a failed two-pronged crusade against Grand Theft Auto, and Breivik’s self-implicating statements have name-dropped Call of Duty. We were fortunate in many ways that the vocal opponents of these games chose to resort to Continue reading

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