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With Friends Like These: Screw Ups and Patterns of Power in the Games Industry

Randy Pitchford is a happy man. Sure, the last couple of major titles he’s overseen as head of Gearbox Software have had their share of detractors, but that’s not going to be any skin off of his nose. If someone … Continue reading

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The Decline of the Western Games Industry

Game designer and blogger Anna Anthropy is thought of by many as inflammatory, provocative, and controversial. Whether the issue at stake is the legitimacy of the Independent Game Festival’s yearly awards, the questionable taste of Kotaku articles and the problems with the editorial response, or even the validity of a father speaking for his game designer daughter, Anthropy thrives on a hard-line, take-no-prisoners approach, and refuses to apologize for it.

She pops up in the gaming press with tidal regularity, here mentioning her game design philosophy, there presenting her unconventional response to a solicitation from Stephen Totilo. Regardless of where you engage with her opinions, she presents and defends her opinions with the heat and passion of one utterly certain of her convictions.

Which is why I snapped up her book “Rise of the Videogame Zinesters” as soon as I was able: for once, she had her own platform and space to present her own case rather than being forced into a reactionary role. What would she say? Continue reading

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Postcards from PAX East: The Final Day

by Adam Harshberger Here’s the story of my third and final day at PAX East. I woke up still dreaming about Jesus coming back to life, thinking about the cubicle that was anxiously awaiting my Monday return, and an especially … Continue reading

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